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Google Android TV review

Google has officially launched its Android TV streaming service.And while it’s only available in select markets, the Android TV service has already been available in the United States, and will be available worldwide soon.Here’s everything you need to know about Android TV. 1.What’s the Android service?Android TV is the Google-designed streaming media device for Android […]

How to change Android’s developer settings

The Android developers can now set custom user interfaces, with a little bit of help from Google.Android 12 has the option to enable developers to change the user interface, but it’s not available in the default Android build.That’s because it requires a custom launcher to work, and developers have to download an Android runtime package.To […]

Free Android Games on Google Play

The free Android games for Android devices have just been updated to version 12.3.6.The latest update includes an update to Android 8.0 Oreo, which is the latest version of Android, as well as an updated version of Google Play Games, which allows players to add and manage games.In addition, there are new games available for […]

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