When Google releases Chrome extension that blocks YouTube ads

Google’s Chrome extension blocks ads on YouTube, including ads from YouTube itself.The extension’s creators, called Chromebox, said it blocks YouTube videos because it’s advertising related.Google has not yet said how many people have downloaded the extension.The extensions creator, Aaron Schatz, said his extension blocks the ads on Google’s YouTube, and not YouTube itself, because the […]

When you don’t need a computer, you can download Android from the web, using a USB stick and the web app Android Browser is the only way to get a stable and up-to-date version of Android from Google Play, writes Andrew Henson.

The desktop version of Google Play Android, Android Browser, can be downloaded from the internet.It’s a free browser and can be used to browse the web in your Android smartphone, tablet or computer.Android Browser works on desktop and mobile devices, but it’s not supported on Android tablets and laptops.That means it can’t be used with […]

When Google Android Emulator is finally available on Android, it’s going to be the best thing to happen to online gaming in a while

Google’s new Android gaming platform, Android Emulation, has been around for about two years now.Now, it seems like the platform is finally ready to hit the market.Android Emulators are software designed to allow gamers to play online games on their Android phones or tablets.They can also run in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other […]

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