AT&t Android podcast application, the Android podcast site, was supposed to launch this fall, but the app has been pushed back due to “issues” with the Google Play platform, AT&ts VP of Android product development Scott Odom announced on Twitter this morning.

Odom didn’t specify exactly what was preventing the app from launching, but he did say it was “probably” the Google app.

It is also not possible to use the AT&TS Android podcast service with the Android phones that AT&Ts customers are using as a podcast server.

Odoms tweet followed up with the following statement:  AT&ths Android podcast server is not running on the devices AT&ter customers are currently using as podcast servers.

There are a few issues with the platform that have slowed down the rollout, but they are being addressed as a result of the current issues.

We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

AT&tys podcast app has a “long way to go,” according to Odom, but Odom added that “we are confident” the app will be available to AT&ting customers soon.

AT &t Android Podcast app has had issues with Google Play for some time, and the app launched with no sign of life on the platform until a month ago, when it was updated with support for new Google Cast devices.

Google also added the option to use an AT&tv app on Android phones, but it is not yet supported by AT&tt, and Google says it will continue to support it until Google removes it.

ATtt, which is also a subsidiary of AT&s parent company Time Warner, does not use the Android app on its own devices, though it does offer a companion app called Android Auto.

ATtys Android Podcast server is currently available on AT&tm Android phones running Android 4.2 or higher.