Updated October 11, 2018 12:38:56If you use Google Maps, you’ve probably noticed the change from the original 19.7.17 to 21.2.17.

Google says the change is due to a “bug fix”.

What does that mean?

Well, the bug fix should make the change to the 21.1.17 version of Google Maps look like a clean one.

It doesn’t mean you’ll see a different app icon or layout.

You’ll just be able to see the same layout, right?

Not necessarily.

While the new layout will look cleaner, it will still have a few bugs that are present in 19.2 and 19.3 versions of Google’s app.

Those bugs have been fixed, but you might still need to re-download your app from the Google Play Store if you’re running an older version of Android.

First, the update to 21 is going to wipe all your data, meaning that you’ll need to restore your data to some point.

That might be the first step.

Google also notes that some apps may not update properly if they don’t have the latest version of the update installed.

Second, Google says that the change will be permanent.

The update will be removed from your device and it will be lost forever.

Google’s support page doesn’t say whether or not you can go back to using the old layout.

Third, Google is also saying that you should install the 21 update from your Google Play account.

The app will remain in the Google Store, but it won’t be available to download or use on the Google App Store.

Google has a page dedicated to removing or updating Google Maps apps from the Play Store.

The Google Maps app is one of the most popular apps on Google’s mobile platform.

The application can also be downloaded and used on iPhones and iPads.

Google Maps is one part of Google Play’s ecosystem that allows users to use apps from a variety of companies including Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Users can also add content to the Google Maps and Google Maps Places apps, which is a big feature for users who have a lot of Google content.

The 21.0.17 Google Maps update was rolled out to Android users in late October.

Android users will be able see the new app icon and layout in their maps app for the first time in a while.