The Facebook page for the New Jersey police department has been inundated with messages from people wishing to honor the man who was killed by a black man in 2012.

“Merry Christmas to the man that saved my life,” read one message.

Another read: “He made my day.

Merry Christmas to the NYPD officer who put me in my place and made sure my life was never in danger.

Thank you Officer Perez for saving my life.”

The page, titled “Merry New Jersey” has been flooded with messages of support and thanks for the officer.

The police officer was killed in 2012 after responding to a domestic dispute with a suspect in Newark, New Jersey.

The officer was responding to reports of a woman with a weapon, and the incident began when the suspect was confronted by the officer and another man.

Police say Perez pulled out his gun and shot the suspect, killing him.

The officer was on paid administrative leave at the time.

A memorial service for the police officer, named “Officer Perez,” was held on the day of his death.

Authorities say Perez was placed on administrative leave after the incident.

The New Jersey State Police is investigating the officer’s death and Perez’s death, but said it has no new information on the officer or the suspect.

A Facebook page called “Happy New Jersey, Happy Cop” has more than 9,000 members.

Some users have even offered to donate money to the officer�s family.

The Facebook page has been a popular spot for members to post updates and share memes, including one that said “Happy Birthday, Officer Perez.”

It has been filled with messages about the officer, including ones from people saying they are thankful for the officers death and thanking him for saving their lives.