Which Android phone will you be able to get when the new Android version is released?

The answer is Android 8.1.

The only other Android phone that can get it is Android 11.2.

Android 8 is the first major update since Android 4.4.

The newest version of the Android OS is expected to make a large impact on Android, and it is expected that it will bring many features that are missing in the older versions.

The biggest new feature is the Google Now integration.

The Google Now app has been a huge hit with Android users, and the feature will become even more popular with Android 8 users.

Google Now will be available in the new version of Android, so you can now use it to get updates to your phone, or send reminders.

You can also use the Google app to make calls or send emails.

Google is also expected to provide support for a new version called Google Now Launcher, which will let you change the look of your Android phone with your own style.

The new launcher will let users customize the look and feel of their phone, making it easier for them to use.

Google says it is working on many more features that will be added to the Android 8 version, so expect to see these features come to Android soon.

We will be sure to keep you updated as more information about the Android 7.1 release is released.