It’s a question that has been debated by many.

Is the new Nintendo system better for your health?

Is the Wii U better for you?

And what about the price?

It’s hard to say.

But according to a new survey, there are a lot of people who don’t know which system is better.

The survey, conducted by research company GfK , asked respondents to choose a different Nintendo system in the event they purchased an old Nintendo 3D Classic Game, a Nintendo 3-D Game Boy, or a Nintendo DSi game console.

It then asked people if they would be better off with either the Wii or the Nintendo 3ds if they were purchasing the system.

The Wii U, meanwhile, was chosen for the Wii-exclusive version of the system because it was a much better value than the 3DS.

And the survey found that people who bought a Wii were more likely to buy a new system.

GfK says the results of its survey are based on people’s purchasing habits, not their personal preferences.

But the survey is also intended to show how consumers might make a decision when it comes to a Nintendo system.

According to the survey, the average person buys a new console about once a year, and it takes about six months to get used to it.

And in that time, they are used to a wide range of games.

It’s not that they are totally comfortable with any of them, it’s just that they know which games they want to play and have the money to spend on them.

People who said they would spend $100 on a new 3DS were more than twice as likely as people who said the same for a Wii U to purchase the system, the survey showed.

The survey also found that the people who purchased a new model of Nintendo 3rd-party software were more inclined to buy new Nintendo systems than the ones with the same software on the system as the new software.

The study, which polled 5,000 people from October 19 to November 9, asked about a wide variety of topics including the cost of a new game system, whether the Wii is better for people with disabilities and how people feel about the Nintendo NX, a console announced earlier this year that would include a 3D stylus, wireless gamepads and a game controller.