A quick guide to how to use emoji in Android apps.

Here’s what you need to know: • Emoji are the main characters in English.

But emoji are not the only characters available in the Google Play Store.

Emoji can also be used in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other languages.

• Emojis are the most versatile character set available.

They’re perfect for images, music, and text.

Emojises can be used for almost anything.

• There are several emoji available for purchase.

Some, like Star Wars characters, have been replaced with others, but there’s always something new.

• Google has a collection of more than 5 million emoji, so you can always keep your eye out for the newest and greatest.

• If you’re not sure what emoji are, you can use Emoji Builder.

This app will show you what emoji you need and help you decide which ones you want.

• Here’s the Google app for Android.

It’s free and you can download it right from Google Play.

If you want to see the Android Emoji app for iOS, you’ll need to sign up for the Apple App Store first.

• How to get Emoji in the Play Store