By Steve Jennings/TechRadarIn a world where you can’t even lock a phone, it’s tempting to just put it away and forget about it.

But with the iPhone’s new locked feature, there’s no turning back now.

And there are two ways you can do this.

One is to simply hold down the Home button and use the volume keys to unlock your phone.

This will unlock the device without ever having to touch it again.

But the other option is to use a special app on your phone which will allow you to lock the device, but also turn it into a back-up.

You can also unlock the back of your phone from the Lock Screen, but only with the Touch ID sensor, and this will unlock it by unlocking the sensor.

Both methods are relatively easy, but if you don’t want to use either of these methods, you’ll need to do a bit of research on how to unlock a phone using your fingerprint.

If you’ve got a fingerprint scanner in your phone, you can check out how to use it.

For the iPhone, this is a very simple process.

You need to tap on the fingerprint sensor, then swipe it upwards.

You then tap the TouchID sensor once to confirm it’s connected, and then swipe the sensor upwards again to confirm.

It’s a fairly simple process, but it does require a bit more work than using the fingerprint scanner alone.

You’ll need a fingerprint reader to use the fingerprint reader.

You’ll also need to have an NFC reader.

Once you have your fingerprint reader, you need to use one of these two apps on your iPhone to unlock it.

One of the apps will require the fingerprint to be paired with your iPhone, so you’ll want to be sure it’s compatible.

The first app is called Apple Pay.

The second app is Android Pay, and it will take about 30 seconds to unlock an unlocked iPhone.

You should then be able to use your phone to pay for anything with the fingerprint you’re holding.

You don’t need to be able do this on the iPhone itself, though.

You will need to connect your fingerprint sensor to your computer to be connected to your phone and you’ll then need to hold down Home and then Touch ID simultaneously to unlock.

If you don?t do this, you won?t be able turn your phone into a backup and use it to pay using a different fingerprint.

To use the two apps, you will need the following things:The first is the Apple Pay app, which will ask you if you want to pay with your fingerprint, tap it, and tap on it again to continue.

Once your fingerprint is detected, it will show a confirmation screen.

Tap on it once to continue, and you will then be connected.

You can then pay with the NFC reader and tap it once again to connect.

If there is an issue with the connection, tap on “Verify” and the fingerprint will be verified.

If there is a problem with the verification, you may have to connect the NFC sensor to the phone again to try again.

If all of this works, you should now be able pay using your finger to unlock and then unlock again with the unlock screen.

If the payment isn’t confirmed, you still have to use Touch ID to confirm that the payment was completed successfully.

You may need to reboot your phone a few times in order for this process to work.

After unlocking, you’re then able to see the fingerprint that you’re using, but the fingerprint isn’t saved on your device.

If it is, you don?:Use the fingerprint again to unlockThe third way is to put the iPhone into a hidden storage mode.

If your fingerprint scanner has been disabled, this will only work with unlocked iPhones.

To do this:1.

Plug in your iPhone2.

Hold down Home3.

Tap the Home Button4.

Turn the Home knob to “Auto”5.

Connect your fingerprint to your iPhone6.

Tap and hold Home7.

Tap Touch ID8.

Once the Touch IDs is connected, turn your iPhone into an encrypted backup, then unlock it and use a different password to unlock again9.

If the fingerprint doesn?t connect again, tap the “Verification” button10.

If all of the steps above worked, you now have a backup that is encrypted with your Touch ID fingerprint.

Use the backup to unlockAgain, this can only be done with an unlocked device.

You will need a password to use this method.1.

Unlock the iPhone and then hold down home, Volume Down, and Home2.

Touch the Home icon on the top right of the screen3.

Type the password and hit “Verified”4.

After a few seconds, the backup will be encrypted5.

The phone should unlock with Touch ID6.

Connect the fingerprint with the same password you used to unlock7.

After the password is verified, the phone will unlock once again8.

If Touch ID is