In a recent update to its Google Photos for Android app, Google is giving users a few more options for accessing the app’s full capabilities.

In the update, the app now includes the option to enable the naked-eye feature, which allows users to look at images in the app without the need to swipe across them.

The naked-eyes feature is available in the Google Photos settings app, but Google is also adding an option to allow users to choose which camera they want to see naked images from.

Users will be able to select between three cameras: One that is a digital camera that has the naked images, a second that has full-resolution images of naked images and a third that has a photo taken from a low-resolution camera.

For now, the only option is the digital camera option.

Users can also choose to only see the naked image of a particular photo, rather than all of it.

“With this update, Google Photos now lets you choose which photos to see, and if you want to show a full-res image, you can select a subset of images,” the company wrote in a blog post today.

Google’s Google photo app was first announced back in March as an alternative to Facebook Photos and now the app is coming to Google’s Android mobile platform.

The company previously announced the company’s Photos app for Android will support the naked camera option in a future version.