Donald Trump’s Russian ties began long before he became president.

And, unlike most presidents, he was never able to remove his personal ties to Russia.

Here’s why.

The president is accused of trying to use his presidential authority to help a friend of his and for which he has no legal responsibility.

That friend is former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was forced out by the White House last week.

Flynn is also the former national security adviser for President Donald Trump Jr.

Trump and his son have denied any wrongdoing.

But some of Trump’s close associates have been caught up in the Russia investigation and, as Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer suggests, the president may have tried to use it as leverage.

A few days before Trump’s meeting with the lawyer, he tweeted a picture of himself with a cigar, the initials of his father’s company.

“The Russia story is a total hoax put out by Dems and the media,” he tweeted.

“Trump and Putin have a lot in common.”

But some of the details surrounding the meeting with Trump Jr., and Flynn’s departure, appear to back up the president’s claim that he did nothing wrong.

According to court documents filed by Mueller’s team, Flynn was told about the meeting by Trump Jr, but he had no idea the president had a “golden shower.”

He was also told that Trump had offered to give Flynn the Russian government’s most sensitive information about Clinton.

Flynn was also assured by Trump that he would not be able to get the information on Clinton from Russia, according to the documents.

Trump Jr also asked for the information to be kept secret.

The documents show that Flynn asked for a “threshold” to see what would happen if he provided the information, but Trump Jr told Flynn that he could “have it any day.”

“I can give you a million times as much as you want, I can give it in 20 minutes, I don’t care,” Trump Jr wrote.

“It’s nothing to worry about.

I love it.”

Flynn then went on to say that he had nothing to hide.

Trump Jr and Trump Jr’s lawyer have said that the president was never told about any information in the meeting and that the Russian offer was not intended to influence the election.

“It is now obvious to anyone who cares to look that there was absolutely no collusion between the campaign and the Russian Government, as Mr. Trump has repeatedly stated,” Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, said in a statement.

Trump’s attorneys have said they are not arguing that Flynn had no intent to deceive the president.

Instead, they say they are asking the court to rule that the information in question is “highly sensitive.”

“There is no basis for the President to suggest otherwise,” Kasowitz said.