The news apps of Android and iOS have been evolving in different ways over the past few years, with the iPhone finally moving into the world of the mobile web.

The latest iteration of the Google News app is the first to move away from the traditional tabbed interface to a tabbed layout, a layout that lets users easily navigate between news articles and articles by title, date, and author.

The tabbed search bar is gone and replaced by a swipe-to-next button on the home screen.

A swipe-left from the top reveals the news feed, which can be accessed by scrolling horizontally to the right or up and down from the bottom.

The new tab layout offers a similar look to that of the Android News app’s new sidebar.

A new button on top of the home button displays the News app in a vertical layout, and the app now uses the swipe-up gesture to open the sidebar.

The news feed itself has been updated with a revamped design, with an enlarged thumbnail of the articles and a small “Subscribe” button next to the title of the article.

This brings the article’s date and author information to the top of a list.

The sidebar has been moved to the left of the News section, and now shows a small banner at the top that lets you subscribe to the story.

The redesigned News app now includes a section titled “Featured Stories,” and users can now scroll through the news by category.

The new tab design also allows users to swipe to the bottom of the screen to close the news app, but this does not make it any easier to find stories from the past.

Users can now also view the article they are reading, a feature that previously existed only in the iOS News app.

The article is currently displayed in a list, with one of the three subcategories shown underneath it, but users can swipe left or right to switch to a new category.

The app’s search bar has also been redesigned, with new icons for both the News and Featured stories sections, as well as a new “Popular Stories” section.

The top of this section displays the list of popular stories from previous weeks, with articles with the most shares and comments appearing in the middle.

Featured stories are displayed next to each other on the main News section.

Users may now swipe left from the home row of the sidebar to jump directly to the Featured story section.

This lets users see a new section labeled “Featured stories,” which allows them to jump right to the most popular stories of the past week.

The home row now displays “Recent Stories” alongside “Featured,” “Popularity Stories,” “Latest News,” and “Popup News.”

Users can also swipe left to switch from the Featured stories section to the Recent stories section.

The Featured Stories section contains all the stories that have been featured on the front page of the iOS or Android app, and they have been expanded to include a sidebar.

Users can scroll through these stories to see the stories they are currently reading, which has always been available in the Featured Stories.

The Featured Stories sidebar now also includes a search box that allows users search for stories from their past week and to see more recent stories.

The News section’s search box now displays more search results than before.

The revamped Featured Stories feature also includes new categories for each story, with multiple categories to choose from.

Each category includes a small badge next to a story title.

The sidebar has also undergone some minor changes, with icons for the News, Featured, and Popular sections updated to match the rest of the app.

The New tab layout allows users more control over the News tab’s layout.

A “Featured” button at the bottom allows users quickly access the News sections articles, while a swipe from the left brings up the Featured section.

A new “Featured section” is shown to the user’s left in the News sidebar.

The News sidebar now displays a sidebar that can be opened from the Home row of its own sidebar.

New sections for each category in the sidebar now include a “Featured in the news” icon, which shows the most recent article that the user is currently reading.

The layout has also changed, with smaller icons for News, Popular, and Featured sections, but the icons for each section are now smaller than before, making it easier to navigate between them.

Users are now able to swipe up from the right edge of the new sidebar to switch between the News articles, the Featured, Popular and Recent sections, and to the “Popups” section of the Featured sections sidebar.

This changes the layout of the New tab to a sidebar layout.

Users swipe up and left from either the Home or New tab layouts to switch back and forth between the sections.

This also allows the app to switch sections based on the user interface.

Users have been able to tap a badge next a story in the new section, which allows users quick access to the section’s article.

The badge displays