Google’s Chrome extension blocks ads on YouTube, including ads from YouTube itself.

The extension’s creators, called Chromebox, said it blocks YouTube videos because it’s advertising related.

Google has not yet said how many people have downloaded the extension.

The extensions creator, Aaron Schatz, said his extension blocks the ads on Google’s YouTube, and not YouTube itself, because the Google YouTube channel is a YouTube affiliate.

YouTube says it does not pay advertisers for ads on its videos.

The Chrome extension’s developer said he plans to make it a free download in the coming days.

The creator of Chromebx said his name was Aaron Schutz and he works for a company called Media Lab.

He said he has downloaded thousands of YouTube videos.

He added that he’s not an advertiser but a YouTube user.

His creator said he also supports a company that provides ad-blocking extensions.

The developer said his video-blocking extension blocks advertising on YouTube videos, and does not block them from YouTube.

The videos appear in a Chrome extension menu bar.

He has not said what Google does with the videos that get downloaded.

The developers of the extension say that the extension blocks YouTube’s YouTube channels from being downloaded by Chrome users.

He says that they’re not the ones paying for the videos.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Google said it was working on a new extension that would block YouTube ads.

The company said it will release the extension “in the coming weeks” and that the developer will be credited.

“We are working hard to make our extensions easier to use, and we have a lot of features planned, but we can’t share details just yet,” the tweet said.

Twitter and Google did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Google is a major advertiser on YouTube and has been pushing ads on the site.

The site is an ad network for the search giant, and advertisers pay for ads to appear on videos that they can then click on.

Google declined to say how many of the ads it pays advertisers for appear on YouTube.

Google and YouTube also work closely together.

YouTube has its own video streaming service, YouTube Red.