Android users are being hit by the worst smartphone battery ever, according to new research. 

It found that the average Android device lasted only three days and eight hours on average before needing to be replaced. 

According to research conducted by smartphone manufacturer LG, the average battery life is only 5% longer than it was on the iPhone.

The LG G6 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus lasted a mere four and five days, respectively, according the research.

The LG G5 lasted a whopping 11 days and seven hours on the battery.

The report was released on Wednesday, as the LG G8 and LG G7 launched and will have similar battery life. 

The LG V30 and the Huawei P10 are among the devices that are expected to come with better battery life than the G6 or the G7.

The researchers also found that Android devices in China tend to be more durable, so they may not need to be taken to a battery swap when they become too old.

However, LG is promising that the battery life will improve over time as the devices are updated.

The study is a follow-up to a study that found Android phones had an average battery lifetime of 8.8 days on average.

That was in part due to the fact that newer smartphones have more cores and have more RAM than older devices.