A new Google Assistant feature that makes it easy to do things like ask for directions, answer calls, and play music on your Android phone or tablet has been added to the Android operating system.

The new feature, called Google Assistant Search, will also let you search the internet using the voice commands of your Android device.

It comes with a lot of useful features and it’s now possible to find what you’re looking for by using the Google Assistant.

You can even get directions using the Assistant search.

Here are some of the things you can do with Google Assistant search: Ask for directions.

When you search for directions in Google, you can ask your Android devices for directions to your destination.

Search for apps.

You may also ask Google Assistant to help you find apps for a particular activity, such as playing a game.

Google Assistant will also suggest a song to play if you are listening to the same song in different apps.

Ask for weather.

Google will also provide you with the weather forecast if you ask Google.

Tell friends.

If you want to tell someone something to eat or do, you will be able to ask Google to bring up the menu or a quick search.

Ask a question.

You will also be able ask Google what you want Google to do.

Ask about movies.

Google has a feature called Ask for Movies, which will bring up a menu or quick search for movies in Google search.

Say something.

You’ll be able send Google Assistant a text message, voice command, or even a phone call using the Voice command.

Ask someone.

Google wants to make the Assistant available to all users, so if you have a smartphone that is connected to the internet, you should also be enabled to ask the Google assistant.

Find apps.

Google can also help you search apps, whether you are in the Play Store, or through the Google Play Store.

You could also ask for the app in Google Play to show you recommendations, which are similar to Amazon’s recommendations.

Say a password.

You won’t need to enter a password, as Google Assistant can remember the one you type.

Ask your phone’s permission.

Google uses your phone for many things, such you may have your Android installed on your computer, and you may want to share content with your family members or friends.

Ask other apps.

With Google Assistant, you are able to request permission to use another app, such for playing a video.

Ask Google for more information.

You are able ask the voice of Google Assistant about specific things, which can help you with questions.

Ask questions.

Google is working on more Google Assistant features that will be coming in the coming months, and Google Assistant is the only voice search feature available in Android.

The Google Assistant app will be free for a limited time.

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