Android is one of the hottest smartphones on the market.

It is the most popular Android phone and tablet platform on the planet.

It has become the top selling smartphone platform in the world and is one reason why the market is growing at such an incredible rate.

The platform has grown to over 100 million devices and it is also the second most popular mobile operating system behind iOS.

And its popularity is also a big reason why Google is developing a new version of Adblock to block advertising.

Adblock Plus, a free, ad-blocking app developed by the Adblock app developers community, will now be available in India.

This is the first time the AdBlock app is available in the country.

AdBlock Plus will come with a lot of new features.

It will offer a filter for advertisers.

It also will have an ad-block mode.

This will prevent the adblocker from running.

Ad Block Plus will be a standalone app that will run on the Google Play Store.

And it will also include a feature that will block ads on specific apps.

In other words, users will be able to block specific apps from the Google store.

In addition to blocking ads, Adblock will also allow users to set a timer to keep their ads in the background.

Users will be asked to set their timer every 30 seconds.

Ad blocking has been around for some time.

Adblock was introduced by Google in 2017.

But the company removed the feature after users complained about the ads appearing.

Ads have been banned on Android devices for some years now, but Adblock’s feature has never been widely implemented.

But it has made a big impact on the mobile market, and Google has made it a priority.

Google said that Adblock is the “best-in-class” ad blocking app in the GooglePlay store, which is why Adblock has been the most-supported app in India since it launched.

The GooglePlay Store has a massive audience of over 10 billion users and has been downloaded over 1 billion times in the last two months.

AdBlock has over 12 million users in India and it also has a huge userbase in China.

The Adblock team said in a blog post that it has spent the past few months working on Adblock Pro, the new version that will be available on Android and will be launched in India on September 3.

The new version will be more secure, more feature rich, more comprehensive, more customizable, and more stable.

Google also said that the new Adblock version will have a faster app download, more features, more privacy features, and a better user experience.

Ad block is an app that blocks ads by automatically downloading the content, and it can also be used to block any app that you don’t want to see ads on.

Ad block also helps users to manage their privacy and security on their devices.

Adblocking will be the first feature introduced in Adblock.

It features a new filter that will make sure ads don’t run in the foreground on certain apps.

And the new feature will also block ads that are placed in the notification center of an app.

Ad blocker also allows users to block certain apps in certain countries.

It can also block certain websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Flickr.

Ad blockers also allows the users to create their own whitelist of apps to block and also prevent.