1 of 6 A screenshot from the latest app analytics report from the app analytics company Axios shows Android users play games more frequently than iOS gamers.

The latest app data shows Android gamers spend more time playing games than users of iOS devices.

Android users are more likely to own more apps than users on iOS.

1 / 6 Areenshot from the recent app analytics show Android users spend more hours playing games, but they’re less likely to have more apps.

AP 2 of 6 Android users may be less likely than iOS fans to own an Android smartphone, Axios reports.

AP 3 of 6 Apple is the only smartphone manufacturer that makes all of its smartphones exclusively for Android.

Apple’s iPhone users are the most likely to play games, according a new Axios report.

AP 4 of 6 Microsoft, Google and Amazon make Android devices that they sell separately.

AP 5 of 6 The most popular mobile game is Minecraft: Pocket Edition, with 2.2 million copies sold in the last 12 months, according the latest game analytics report.

It’s the most popular Android game.

AP 6 of 6 iOS users have the most apps on Apple devices, but less than Android gamers.