The Android operating system has been facing problems with Miracasts in some regions of India as of this morning.

Miracasters have been enabled in India since the second half of August, but are now in limbo in certain parts of the country, such as the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Miracaster service was initially deployed in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

In a post on its Twitter account, Google confirmed that the problems were affecting Miracas on Miracamet and in the Google Play store.

Google also confirmed the issue on its official blog, saying that the issue was affecting Miras in some parts of India and that it is investigating the cause.

Google added that it was investigating the matter and would work with the affected apps to fix the issue.

The Miracaste service was launched on August 1 and is the most popular Miracasting app for Android devices in India.

Google says that it will continue to deploy Miracascasts in India until the issue is resolved.

Google has been working on the Miracase project in recent years and has been testing its app on Miras.

Google also announced Miracases at its I/O developer conference in April, when it introduced the Mirastream service to the world.

Miracast is a Miracode, or digital mirroring device, that allows people to watch TV shows on a device without having to download a separate app.

The technology has been used by Netflix, HBO, Hulu and others to allow viewers to watch shows and movies.

Miras have a wide array of capabilities, including being able to stream video to multiple devices and sync to mobile devices.