You might have noticed that Google Play Now has a new design, a new look, and a few new features.

The app itself hasn’t changed much from its Android 11 beta days, but the interface has been updated to match the new look.

But there are a few changes to the news app that might make it stand out in your eyes.

First, you can now download the new Android 11.2 beta to the Google Play store.

It’s now called Android 11 Beta, and it’s available on both the US and UK versions of the app.

Google also updated the Google News app for the Android 11 launch to be compatible with Android 11, and you can download it from Google Play now.

Google Play has also made it easier for you to add the latest version of Android to your device.

The updated Android 11 app is available for both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 6.

It offers more info on apps you can install, a quick search function, and new notification features, and there’s also a new version of the Google Music app.

If you don’t already have an Android 11 device, you’ll want to download the Android 12 beta, which is a direct update to Android 11 and comes with a number of new features like new album art, an option to change the lock screen wallpaper, and more.

But that’s not all.

You can also use Google Play Music for free.

Google says that you’ll need to be running Android 11 to access the Google+ Music service.

It’ll also be possible to download and install Android 12 on your phone if you’re already on the Android 10.3 and Android 11 channels.

Finally, Google has added support for Google Cloud Storage for the first time.

If all that’s new to you, Google’s Android 11 will be available on the Google Store for a limited time on September 26, and Android 12 will be launched on September 27.

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The company has also revamped its Android 10 app, which now has a cleaner, more streamlined interface.

And the new beta version of Google Cloud also includes a number, if not all, of the new features you’ll see in the new app.

We’ve put together a guide on setting up Google Cloud for free, and the process is easy.

Google has a number features that are worth keeping in mind if you use the app for business or personal use.

Here’s how to set them up on your Google Play account.

Read next The best way to set Google Play up on Android Android 11 is to download it.

It will be compatible and ready to use on any Android device that supports Android 10 and up.

For this guide, we’ll be using an older Nexus 6 but you can also download the latest Android 11 for free from Google.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall your phone.

There’s also the Google Cloud Music app, and we’ve highlighted it as one of the best ways to manage music and movies in your Android device.

Google Cloud is the cloud storage you use for your apps and files, and its new features make it the best way for you not only to manage your music and videos but to access your apps on any device.

It also includes an in-app purchase that lets you add a music subscription or a movie download.

You’ll need an Android device running Android 10 or up to install this new service, and this is what you’ll be doing once you’ve signed in to Google Play.

If the Google play store is down, it’ll ask you to download Google Play to see if you have an eligible device, and if so, download it to Google Cloud.

Once the download completes, you should see an icon next to your account that says “Ready to Install.”

Select “Ready” and you’ll then get to the next screen where you’ll sign in with your Google account and sign into the cloud.

If it’s an older version of this app, you will need to install it manually.

If this is your first time using Google Cloud, we recommend that you download the Google Sync app first.

You should also download an Android app that allows you to manage apps and storage on your device using Google Sync.

If there’s an issue with the Google sync app, it will not work for you.

If your device is a Nexus device, there’s a guide to set it up on our Nexus guide.

It should work for all Nexus devices running Android 9 or higher.

The Google Cloud app will be free until September 26 when it becomes an Android service.

After that, the Google app will cost you $3