If you want to enjoy the best of Android phones, there’s a simple trick to keep them running smoothly: Use the phone’s native OS to play music and videos.

The best Android phones use a different platform than the rest of the Android platform.

So if you’re on an Android 4.3 device and you want your music to work on the HTC Desire X, you’ll need to use the HTC One M8 OS, which is an emulator of Android’s native operating system.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

Open the HTC smartphone’s Settings app.


Tap on the Apps icon on the home screen.


Tap the Music tab.


Tap Play Now to play your music.

You’ll be asked to enable the “Cheap Android phones” app on your phone’s settings.


Next, tap on the Play Now button to begin playback.

The HTC One can’t run the apps you’ve enabled, so you’ll have to tap the Play button repeatedly.


The device will start to play.

Once the playback starts, tap the button once to turn off the display.

The display will turn back on and the phone will be locked.


Your music will begin playing again.

If you’re having trouble with the phone, the software can’t recognize it.

If your music doesn’t start playing, try the device’s hardware controls.


You should now be able to listen to your music on the phone and enjoy it on the road.


If the device doesn’t recognize your music, you might have to turn it off and try again.