Posted by Business Insider Last month, Samsung announced that it was making the Black theme available for all its Android devices.

That means that your Samsung phone or tablet can now use Samsung’s black theme for its wallpaper.

And it looks like that theme is available on other Samsung devices as well.

The Samsung Black wallpaper is available for Android devices through the Samsung app store.

That’s why it’s also called the Samsung Android Black theme.

The app includes the Samsung Samsung Black app and its own version of the Samsung wallpaper.

The app is very simple to use.

Just swipe the wallpaper on your phone or your tablet, and the Samsung apps will open.

You can also drag the wallpaper onto your home screen.

Samsung’s Black theme comes with an icon for the wallpaper.

You’ll see that icon in the Samsung App store.

If you’ve downloaded the Samsung black theme, you’ll also see that it comes with a black background.

You don’t need to turn on the Samsung icon to access that wallpaper.

Samsung Black is available in the Android Market as an add-on to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This add-ons lets you create your own Samsung wallpaper from a wide variety of different wallpaper themes.

For instance, you can use Samsung Black for the Samsung S8’s black wallpaper.

Or, you could choose to use SamsungBlack for the Galaxy S9’s black, or for the LG G5’s black.

You could also use it for the HTC U11’s black or the Samsung U8’s blue.