Procreate Android has been the go-to app for most people for a long time, but it seems that the messaging app might soon get a bit of a boost from Google.

The new version of Procreate has the ability to automatically download the latest Google app on the device it is installed on.

Procreate is a Google Play Store exclusive, and the app itself has been released under a Creative Commons license that requires a credit.

Google’s Procreate app has a ton of new features, including a revamped “look” screen that allows users to easily customize the look of their Android device, along with a redesigned version of the app’s “message” feature that lets users customize the messages sent to their contacts.

ProCreate Android 4.0 has been available for a few months now, but Google is also working on an update to Procreate that will bring the messaging and productivity apps to the Google Play store.

The update will also bring a new notification center in Procreate for those who are new to the app, allowing users to access messages on the go without having to navigate to the “messages” section of the home screen.

The news of a new update is a welcome one, as Google is likely trying to catch up with Apple’s Messages app.

Google has long had its share of apps that have gained popularity with the masses, and this new update might give the messaging company a boost.

Google Procreate 4.1, the version that Google is releasing today, is available for free on Google Play, and it has the full Google app package for Android devices, including Google’s Photos app, Google Maps, and a number of other features.

It also includes an improved camera app, which is a new feature that will let users take photos and videos, as well as a redesigned settings screen.

It is unclear whether the update will be released to all Android devices and carriers, but we’re sure Procreate fans will be happy to hear about this.