Google has announced it will launch a video messaging service in India, allowing users to send video clips, photos and GIFs over WhatsApp, its messaging app.

The service is being launched in the country on April 5 and will allow users to text friends, share videos, send voice messages and send photos.

The company is also rolling out a feature that lets users share their photos and videos from any Android device on their phone, even if they have not signed into WhatsApp on that device.

India is the third major country to support the service, after China and South Korea.

Google will also add another new feature to the app called “Holo” that lets the app’s users share and send live video from any device.

A few months ago, Google introduced a feature called “Live Video” that let users broadcast live video to YouTube and other social media channels, which made it easier for users to share their live videos with their friends and followers.

India’s mobile messaging service will be accessible on Android phones starting April 5.

The app will allow for sending messages from WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, and other apps.

A Google spokesperson said the service is available to all Indian Android devices, regardless of whether they have been rooted or not.

“Google and its partners are continuing to work on adding more languages to our service, and we’re excited to announce that India will soon get to enjoy the full Android experience,” said the spokesperson.