Android 11 has seen a lot of changes to the way apps work and behave on the mobile platform.

It’s the first time that a major Android version has seen this much attention from developers and it’s meant to improve on the platform and help users stay on top of the latest security issues.

Read more:What is Adblock?

Adblock is an open source app for blocking websites, apps and other internet-related content.

Its main features are:It blocks any websites you visit, apps you install or other third-party applications that are downloaded to your phone.

Adblock’s latest update, Android 11, includes a few new features and changes to its blocking algorithm.

Read MoreAdblock 11.0 is available to download from the Google Play store for free, but the full release will be available to users of the official Android appstore from today.

To install the update on your phone, simply launch the Adblock app from the Play store and follow the on-screen instructions.

Adblock will automatically download the latest version of the app, and it will appear in the system settings.

You can then update your Android device by simply launching the Android app and tapping on the ‘update’ button in the top right corner.

Once installed, Adblock 11 will show a pop-up window with a warning message informing you that the app may take a while to download.

If you’re running Android Lollipop, the update will install automatically.

Adblocks current version can be found here.