When it comes to Fortnites’ recent updates, there’s been a steady drumbeat of updates, which have mostly been good and sometimes a bit weird.

The most recent update, Fortniting: Warzone, launched in late February and added an expansion that brought the game up to four players to a total of eight players in a match.

Now, Fortnight is adding a new mode that lets you go on a rampage and blast your way through Fortnited’s hordes of monsters.

That mode was announced on Reddit on Wednesday, but it’s a bit of a mystery as the game hasn’t released any official information about it yet.

That’s what prompted our friends at Pocket Gamer to share a few additional details about the new mode.

In Fortnight, you’ll have to fight hordes of zombies, robots, and other enemies with your teammates to win, and once you’ve defeated a boss or two, you can then choose a new objective to continue fighting on.

If you don’t like the new modes, you could just head into the game and play as the other players.

The Fortnits of the world are going to love this mode, too.

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