We’ve seen a few of the new features in Marshmallow coming down the pike, and they’re all great.

But none of them have yet been tested and confirmed by Google.

Google says it will be ready for testing when Android 7’s official release date drops on April 14, but as we’ve seen in the past, Android Marshmallow’s biggest problems lie in its lack of polish.

We have our own set of concerns with Marshmallow and how it will affect us personally, but for now, it’s worth giving it a try.

Android Marshuys main strengths As we mentioned above, Marshmallow features a number of major improvements over Android 7, such as a new notification center and improved battery life.

It’s also packed with some very welcome improvements, such a new Quick Settings app, which lets you change the color scheme for quick access to apps and widgets.

Google has also added a bunch of new things, including the ability to sync photos from your camera roll, an improved Google Assistant app, and a new Pixel Launcher, which you can find in the launcher options menu.

There are also a lot of new Google Now and Google Now Launcher apps, including an “Android” version of the Google Search app, a revamped Google Calendar app, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.

We’ve already seen a bunch more in the Marshmallow update cycle.

Google’s been pushing the new launcher features through Marshmallow, which means you can get the same features and more in Android Marsho, but you’ll have to wait until April 14 to get them.

Android 7 Marshmallow will come with an even more polished UI The new UI is more like the previous versions, with more granular control over how you access the notifications, which can be adjusted in Settings > Notification settings.

You can also use the same settings to set up the new notification launcher for a different notification, or you can add a notification from a different launcher to your homescreen.

For now, though, we don’t see any significant changes to the look and feel of the interface, though there are some subtle improvements in the Google Now launcher.

Google Now will be the first thing you see in Marshuos new Launcher options menu, but Google’s also added support for other Google Now apps, which are currently available in Marshon as an app called “Google Now Launcher”.

We’ve only been able to get Marshmallow to work on the Pixel Launcher for now (and there’s no Android 7 compatibility in Marsho), so we can’t say if the new Launcher will be worth a look.

You’ll have more control over your notifications You can control the order of notifications in Marshmallows Launcher, and you can also set your own reminder to appear when a certain notification is received.

However, Google’s notification launcher has no way to display a full notification stack, so you’ll need to click through to the notifications settings page to see a full list of notifications.

There’s also no way for you to set reminders on a per-device basis, though you can set reminders for certain people and groups, or just the general Google user.

If you do set reminders, they’ll pop up on a notification when you close the launcher, and if you’re already on an Android 7 device, you’ll see a notification in your launcher that says “Do Not Reply To.”

You can disable this in Marshiys settings menu, though.

There also aren’t any new notification icons, and notifications in Google’s Launcher will remain the same.

There will also be a new icon that shows when a notification is being delivered in a different format than it was in Android 7 (the notification in the Pixel launcher) or when it’s being delivered as a text message instead of an image.

Google won’t be making the changes, and this is a feature that is currently only available in Android 6 and Android 6.0, so we’re not sure if we’ll see this in Android 8.0.

There have also been a lot more tweaks to the notification bar, too.

While Android 7 brought back the ability for you scroll through notifications, Google Marshmallow brings back a notification bar that you can scroll through as well.

You may notice that you don’t have a whole lot of options for scrolling through notifications now, but the new Android Marshalizer app will let you choose from four different types of notification options, such notifications with attachments or links, and alerts.

This means that you’ll still be able to customize how you scroll, and the new app will help you do that.

Marshmallow also brings a lot to the screen.

We’ll be writing more about what Android Marsha will bring to you in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we’ve got some important things to talk about in the Android 7 update cycle so far.