The sex toy market is still in its infancy, and there’s a long way to go before a product like Nexxus has hit the market.

But one of the best things about sex toys, besides the experience, is how they can be used to provide real intimacy and connection to other people.

That’s what makes Nexxus so special.

While a few other sex toys have been designed specifically for this purpose, Nexxus is the first to come with a built-in Bluetooth headset that connects to a phone’s mic so that you can speak to your partner and share your favorite moments.

“I love having that built-into it,” said cofounder and CEO Jason Schreier.

“It’s really fun to hear people talk to me.

And I love the fact that it’s a little bit more intimate than a lot of sex toys that have microphones in the past.

We want it to be as intimate as possible.”

The Nexxus headset also has a microphone that you’ll use to whisper to your girlfriend or boyfriend as you play with it.

The headset is compatible with phones running iOS 7 or newer, and will be compatible with a variety of other apps that support Bluetooth headsets.

The headsets include a pair of adjustable straps that attach to the back of the Nexxus, allowing you to adjust it so that it can fit in your jeans pocket or on your waistband.

The strap is made from flexible elastic that attaches to the strap, allowing it to fit in almost any pocket.

There are two wireless charging ports on the back.

You can either plug the Nexxes into a wall charger, a smartphone charger, or a USB port on a computer.

There’s also an on-board USB port that will allow you to plug in external devices.

The microphone that goes into the headset also doubles as a microphone.

When you’re talking to someone, the headset will emit a low-pitched noise that will help you communicate with your partner.

There is a built in LED that will flash when you’re speaking to someone and then fade out when you stop talking to them.

The Nexuses headset can also record audio and video.

The audio will come from your phone, Bluetooth headset, or headphones.

The Bluetooth headset works with most apps that use Bluetooth, but there’s no way to connect the headset to your phone or other Bluetooth devices.

So, if you’re in the mood for a good time, there’s nothing to worry about with the Nexuses.

It’s just another way to get that “just in time” sex toy experience you know you want.

For the Nexusses, there are two different types of attachments available.

The first attachment is the Nexxy, which comes with a rubber band that you pull in and out to adjust the shape of the strap.

The second attachment is a soft-spot attachment, which is a small pouch that you slide into the middle of the headset.

The soft-seated attachment is very comfortable to use, and can be held securely in place with just a few fingers.

You don’t have to worry that the soft-spots will slip off, but it can get messy if you use it in the wrong places.

There aren’t many ways to connect a sex toy to a Bluetooth headset.

There isn’t a USB connection on the Nexxys headset.

Instead, there is a Bluetooth plug that connects directly to the Nexxxx wireless transmitter.

When paired with the Bluetooth headset adapter, the wireless transmitter will detect your phone and send audio and images to the headset’s mic.

The wireless transmitter then sends the images to your Bluetooth headset and your phone.

The camera on the headset is built-ins.

If you have the option to turn it off, the camera will only record images from your smartphone or Bluetooth headset if you press and hold the mic button for a few seconds.

If the camera doesn’t work, the phone will record images of the device.

It also comes with three microphones that you use to talk to your companion.

When it comes to the sex toys inside, the Nexyxes has a lot going for it.

Its Bluetooth headset has built-up foam that feels like a condom.

It can take some getting used to, but once you get used to it, you won’t be able to go back to your sex toy.

The included USB charging port is built in to the top of the Bluetooth phone, but you can plug the headset into any USB port you want on a PC or laptop.

There’re two more wireless charging port that you plug into your phone when you pair the headset with a Bluetooth charger.

The Nexusxus headset can be connected to an Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation, or Wii console.

If there are any problems, you can connect it to your computer, which has built in Bluetooth, and it will work.

The only other thing to note about the Nexxtys is that it has a wireless charging dock, but the charger is a little larger than the