Android users can now change their phone number on PS2 emulators using a PS2-compatible app. 

The app, called PS2Emulator, can be downloaded for free from Google Play. 

Users can then enter their phone numbers in the “Who owns Android” box and then “Change name” in the next box.

Once this process is completed, the user’s phone number will be added to their profile on PSN.

The app is available on both PS2 and PS2XL consoles. 

Android users can also use the app to change their email address, and the same can be done with PS2 gamepads. 

While the app is currently only available for PS2, the feature is available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as well. 

If you are on an Android-based smartphone or tablet and want to change a phone number, you can download the app and follow the instructions to change it on your phone.