By now, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Android 18, a much-awaited update that’s supposed to be more stable, more stable than Android 18 released last year.

The new release is expected to bring with it many new features, including better hardware support, a more robust software experience, and more bug fixes.

We already know that Google has a lot of features in the works for Android 18 which we’ll look at in this article.

We also have a new article dedicated to the Android 18 beta and we’ll be covering the upcoming release in the coming weeks.

In this article, we’re going to cover a couple of things that are new in the Android 16.1.1 update and they’re also the ones we’re most excited about.

We’ve already covered how to download the update to your phone or tablet and we’re here to tell you what’s new.

So, grab your phone and let’s get to the good stuff.

The good stuff in the update:1.

Android 18 adds a bunch of new features2.

You can now easily access the camera and camera control options in the lock screen3.

The “recent apps” app now supports multiple tabs for adding new apps4.

Android Now has a better interface and is more usable than the old version of the app5.

Improved security in the Settings app6.

Better battery life7.

Improved battery life on Android devices8.

A new notification indicator will show when you’re in the background9.

Android now allows you to choose your language in Settings10.

The Settings app now shows the last five apps installed, which can be a handy way to get your favorite apps installed when you aren’t in the app launcher11.

You’re able to change the default wallpaper in the notification area12.

Better camera performance13.

Better stability in the phone’s camera14.

Improved camera performance in general15.

Better Wi-Fi connectivity16.

Improved Bluetooth connectivity17.

Improved file management in the camera app18.

Improved performance in the audio and video apps19.

New features for the Camera app (notifications, camera, settings, notification center, camera control)20.

Improved stability in your notification area21.

Improved Battery life22.

Improved audio and visual performance23.

Improved Wi-FI connectivity24.

Improved Audio playback in the microphone25.

Improved video playback in your camera app26.

Improved the display of battery and memory usage27.

Improved storage usage28.

Improved reliability in the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox)29.

Improved notification and audio playback30.

Improved device performance31.

Improved data performance32.

Improved power efficiency33.

Improved memory usage34.

Improved sound quality35.

Improved display quality36.

Improved connectivity and performance37.

Improved your privacy38.

Improved speed on your phone39.

Improved general performance40.

Improved WiFi speed41.

Improved cellular performance42.

Improved network performance43.

Improved screen-on-time44.

Improved CPU performance45.

Improved standby battery capacity46.

Improved brightness, contrast and contrast ratio47.

Improved ambient light level48.

Improved system stability49.

Improved responsiveness50.

Improved durability51.

Improved user experience53.

Improved accuracy54.

Improved energy efficiency55.

Improved water resistance56.

Improved weight61.

Improved noise reduction62.

Improved GPS performance63.

Improved low-power operation64.

Improved fingerprint recognition65.

Improved location tracking66.

Improved voice recognition67.

Improved social network functionality68.

Improved weather reception69.

Improved sleep tracking70.

Improved night vision71.

Improved motion sensor sensitivity72.

Improved heart rate73.

Improved microphone accuracy74.

Improved eye detection75.

Improved wireless charging support76.

Improved media control77.

Improved gesture control78.

Improved accessibility79.

Improved web-based keyboard support80.

Improved app performance81.

Improved music playback in applications and services82.

Improved notifications and notifications center83.

Improved health app improvements84.

Improved navigation improvements85.

Improved hardware acceleration improvements86.

Improved graphics improvements87.

Improved new features for video playback88.

Improved background images89.

Improved improved battery life90.

Improved Android software improvements91.

Improved networking and network stability92.

Improved USB debugging93.

Improved charging speed94.

Improved RAM improvements95.

Improved GPU performance96.

Improved tablet screen brightness97.

Improved UI improvements98.

Improved multimedia performance99.

Improved cloud storage performance100.

Improved processor performance101.

Improved overall stability102.

Improved internet reliability103.

Improved multitasking performance104.

Improved online gaming performance105.

Improved phone calls 106.

Improved privacy protection107.

Improved compatibility with other Android devices108.

Improved gaming performance109.

Improved LTE connectivity110.

Improved mobile data speed111.

Improved VoLTE speed and reliability112.

Improved Camera performance113.

Improved Video playback and stability114.

Improved Internet stability115.

Improved Airplane mode settings116.

Improved Phone charging speed117.

Improved FaceTime audio playback118.

Improved offline support119.

Improved support for Google Maps120.