AirDrop is a new way to create your own custom Android app, or create a custom app for your favorite TV or phone app.

You can make a new AirDrop app, set up a local copy, and share it with friends, family, and colleagues.

We’re going to go through how to set up your own AirDrop apps.1.

Create an AirDrop account.

Go to

You’ll be prompted to create an account.2.

Choose an app.

If you don’t have a favorite app, check the “More apps” tab.

If the app you’re interested in doesn’t have an app icon, then it’s not available.3.

Select an app to set a copy of.

The app icon will indicate which app is the app to copy.

If there is a copy icon next to the app name, the copy is already in progress.4.

Create a copy.

Click the “Add” button on the left side of the screen.

The “Add Copy” button is next to “Copy.”5.

Choose the copy.

Select the app and tap “OK.”6.

Once the copy has been created, it will pop up a “Create AirDrop Copy” option.

Tap “OK” to continue.7.

Create your app.

Click on the app icon to create a new app.8.

Click “Create a new name.”

Select the name you created above, and select “Create new app.”9.

Click OK.10.

The new app will automatically appear in the AirDrop directory.

You’re now ready to share your app with others.11.

Upload your app to the App Store.

Go back to the “My Apps” screen and select the app that you just created.

Click upload.12.

The App Store will automatically populate with your app and your app icon.

You will see the app’s icon in the app store and a list of all apps.

You should now see your app listed in the list.1/2/15: Updated with additional info from Google.