Weather app developer Hisense has created an app that will let you see what the weather is like in South Africa in real-time, without having to go to a website or use an app.

Hisense created the app to allow users to keep track of weather conditions across South Africa, but it’s not limited to that.

In addition to being able to track the weather in real time, users can view local weather forecasts and weather forecasts across all of the countries in South African.

The company has also built the app in the Android 10 version of Android.

Weather apps have long been an important part of South African life.

When you use your phone in South Africans homes or work, it’s pretty easy to keep an eye on the weather.

Even though the app will only work with Android 10, it is possible to use it with any version of the operating system.

HeSense has been building its weather app for a while and it is one of the more popular weather apps out there.

This is not the first time a weather app has been developed for Android 10.

Google recently announced a new weather app that would let users check the weather across the world using Google’s servers.

Android 10 was also the last version of Google’s Android OS that was released to the public.