Cash app from Citra has been created for Android devices and will allow users to pay in a matter of seconds, using the blockchain technology.

The app, which was launched last month, was designed to provide the easiest way for merchants to accept payments in Australia, with Citra taking over from Cash app and taking on more of the tasks.

The main benefit of the Cash app is that it is free for everyone, and allows users to accept any type of payment without having to sign up for a credit card or a bank account.

Users will be able to set up their own payment methods, with a range of payment options including cash, bank transfer and gift cards.

The Cash app will allow for quick and easy payments using the mobile phone or tablet and will work with the Google Wallet app, where users can choose from a wide range of merchants and businesses.

“With Citra Cash, you’ll be able take a simple cash payment in seconds, with no additional steps,” said CEO David Devereux.

“We’re looking forward to the continued growth of our technology and services in the future.”

According to Citra, the app will work on both Android and iOS devices, and will be available for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store for the next 12 months.