In the days leading up to Apple vs Android, the Canadian government is offering its own suite of privacy protections in an attempt to counter the threat posed by the software giant.

The new privacy policies are intended to address concerns about the privacy and security of Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones.

Privacy experts are worried the new privacy protections will erode the public trust in the security of their products, and that Apple and Google will continue to exploit them for their own commercial gain.

The new privacy policy is designed to protect the privacy of all users.

It sets out a series of important privacy measures, such as the right to opt out of certain features.

It also allows users to opt-out of certain types of sharing, such a the location data of the apps they install.

The Privacy Act of 2018 is the first law passed by the Canadian Parliament in more than 40 years to require the government to protect personal information about its citizens.

The legislation also requires that the information be kept confidential, which is part of the Privacy Act.

Privacy experts say the new policy is aimed at the software giants, and not the public at large.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, a watchdog, issued a statement Tuesday saying that Apple’s privacy policy “is a serious threat to Canadian citizens’ privacy.”

“The Privacy Policy contains many privacy breaches, including the collection and use of sensitive personal information without the consent of the user, the sharing of private and sensitive information for advertising purposes, the disclosure of personal information for marketing purposes without the user’s consent, and the disclosure to third parties of private information without a user’s knowledge,” said Privacy Commissioner John Fraser.

“It also breaches the public interest requirements of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

These breaches are not limited to the collection of data.

It is also a serious breach of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as it violates the principle of privacy for both the individual and for society.”

Apple says it has always been committed to protecting the privacy rights of its users and its software and services are built with user privacy in mind.

Apple also says that the privacy policy reflects its commitment to its customers, including Canadian businesses.