Android devices, like Google’s Pixel phones, have a large selection of wallpapers to choose from.

If you want a more immersive, full-screen experience, you might want to look to Google’s Android live wallpaper.

That is, if you have a Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone, or if you own a Nexus 6P.

It can be configured to automatically adjust the resolution of the wallpaper, or you can set your own settings.

There’s also a built-in wallpaper manager for the Android OS.

When you’re ready to move on to your favorite Android wallpaper, you can use Google Now on your Android device to see the live wallpaper as well as to set it to whatever wallpaper you’d like.

We’ll go through the basics of how to use this app, and we’ll also look at some other great Android wallpapers.

Step 1: Download Google NowOn the Google Now Launcher, tap Settings > More apps > Google Now.

Then tap Live Wallpaper.

Tap the Live Wallpapers icon.

Step 2: Set the wallpaper to your likingStep 3: Set a custom wallpaper for the Google LauncherNow, go to Settings > Wallpapers > Live Wallpierces.

Tap Live WallPierces to change the wallpaper for your Pixel, Pixel XL, or Nexus 6.

You can also set the wallpaper in the Google Search app, which can be found in Settings > Apps and services > Google Search.

Step 4: Get the wallpaper settingsYou’ll need to tap LiveWallPiercing to get the LiveWallpaper settings you want to use.

For example, if your Google Now live wallpaper has a resolution of 1280×800, you’d set it like this:Choose the wallpaper you want for your phone.

You may want to make your wallpaper a bit smaller than the default, but you should be able to pick up on the resolution, if necessary.

Step 5: Set wallpaper settings on your phoneNow that you’ve set up the LivePierced settings, you’ll want to get them set on your device.

You don’t need to set them for every single wallpaper, but it’s a good idea to set the same settings for every wallpaper.

Here are the steps to set up your LiveWallpapers.

Open Google Now or Google Search on your Pixel or Nexus device, or set the live wallpapers from the settings app.

Open the Live wallpaper manager app.

Tap Settings > LiveWallpiercers.

Tap the Livewallpiercer you want, then tap Edit.

Set the resolution you want in LiveWallSettings.

Tap set resolution.

Step 6: Set your wallpaper for Google NowNowNow that LiveWallPs settings are set, you’re all set for the wallpaper.

The LiveWallapps launcher should automatically change your wallpaper to match.

Step 7: Save your settingsThe settings app will ask you to enter your Google account credentials.

Tap Yes to allow it to use your Google password.

Then, the Live wallpapers app will change your Live WallPaper to match your settings.

You’ll want your wallpaper settings saved in your home directory.

Open Settings > Settings > Home.

Step 8: Go back to the settings on the Live screenNow that your Live wallpaper is set, it’s time to go back to your settings on Google Now to set another LiveWall.

Go to Settings on your Nexus or Pixel device, and select LiveWall > Set Live Wall.

Then, tap OK.

Your settings should be saved in the same directory as your settings, so they’re ready for any changes to be made to them.

Step 9: Use Google NowYou can now use GoogleNow to show the livewallpapers you like to your friends and family.

To do so, you need to enable the LiveTile app, then click on the settings icon on the top of the Live tile.