New versions of Android phones are making it possible to stream NFL games, with new versions of the apps allowing users to record audio from the games, and send audio messages to friends via SMS.

The new Android version of the NFL app, which was released last week, is an update of the one released earlier this month that added a recording feature to the app.

It’s the first time that the NFL has allowed users to take a photo of themselves during a game, and also allows the user to record and send voice messages to a friend during the game.

The app now also allows users to send audio notifications to friends.

The NFL app has also been updated to include a new feature that allows users on the same Wi-Fi network to stream a game.

For example, if two users have the same account and the first user uses the app, the other user can now access the app to record a video.

The other major update of NFL Live this year is a feature called “SnapChat.”

This allows users in a game to use an iPhone to broadcast messages to one another via Snapchat.

This is a great way to share a fun moment during a big game, such as a touchdown or field goal, or to communicate during a timeout.

For users who want to stream games live, there are other features available in the app as well.

In order to get live broadcasts from a nearby NFL stadium, users need to log into the app and sign into a Snapchat account.

This account can then be used to watch live broadcasts on the app or record a replay from a previous game.

Another new feature is the ability to send and receive text messages from the app directly from a smartphone.

The NFL app now supports text messages to send from the Android phone app.

The Snapchat app is also working with other Android apps to allow users to join in on the NFL games.

The most notable feature in the NFL Live app is the “Live Drafts” feature.

In this mode, users can select from a list of games and players that will be on the broadcast.

Once selected, they will be able to view the games and select a team to watch the game from.

The live broadcasts will then be available in real time on a live feed of the network.

This feature allows users of Android smartphones to follow the live feeds of other people.

In terms of the user interface, the NFL’s app is now more consistent with the Android app.

There are now more menu options for the app in the status bar, along with an improved “View Live Stream” option.

The apps now also offer a “Play” button to “Play Now” on a game or team.

The latest version of Android also includes a feature that makes it easier to record video from the NFL game.

Instead of having to log in to the NFL App, users are able to just press the microphone icon in the top right of the screen to record.

The recording feature is a new addition to the iPhone version of NFL Play, which allows users with an iPhone 4s to record videos for up to four people, but users with a Nexus 7 device can record up to 16 people.

Users can also select a “Video” or “Photo” as the video source.

The updated NFL Live also includes new features that allow users in the same home network to see the results of games across multiple networks.

The ability to record replay and other replays from games in the home network is new, as well as an option to see which teams are winning.

Users can also share live replay broadcasts from the apps with friends.

Users will need to login to the apps using their Snapchat account or another device to record the broadcast, and then add the user’s phone number to the list of “friends” in the broadcast settings.

The user interface for the new NFL Live is also more consistent.

There is a large vertical bar with the names of the teams, the times of the games on ESPN and ESPN2, and the ratings of each team.

In addition, there is a video player at the top of the page that can be used for recording, and a new option to open up the player in the upper left corner of the video player.

There are some minor tweaks to the game interface, too.

The game now shows a grid with the team logos and the team’s current score.

There also is a notification icon in-between the team and its current score, and there is also a grid showing the current scores of all teams.

The app also adds the ability for users to create custom feeds from the game, as previously announced.

Users who want access to this feature can log into NFL Live and select the feed option in the feed settings.

Users also have the option to view and play all live feeds on the network at once.

This new feature will allow users of a network to watch multiple live streams at the same time.