The latest Android phone development options list is out.

The list is titled “The Developer Options for the Android Phone”, and it’s full of features that you may want to consider for your next Android phone.

Here’s what you’ll find in the developer options:The most important feature is the new Android 8.0 Oreo SDK.

This is a much-needed API to build new apps for phones.

Android 8 is a big improvement on Android 7.0, which introduced a lot of new features.

It’s a huge step forward for phones, and Google is trying to make it a major feature of Android.

The new SDK allows developers to make a phone that runs all the latest Android features, but it also enables the phones to do things like run natively on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The other new feature is Google Assistant, which can be used to voice-command your Android phone and is a major step forward in the evolution of Google Now.

It can do things such as tell you when your favorite movie is playing, schedule appointments, and more.

Google’s also improved the way that Google Now works with Google Photos and Google Drive, and there’s even a new camera API called GLSL that will make your phone’s camera more accurate and accurate-looking.

There are also a few new Android 7 features, including the new notification drawer and new apps to access the camera and Google Assistant.

There’s also the addition of the Pixel Launcher, which lets you access Google Play services from any device.

The Android 8 SDK also adds a bunch of new apps, like the new Gmail and Calendar apps, Google Photos, Google Search, and a bunch more.

Google has also added the ability to download files to your phone, but that doesn’t include any file storage.

It does allow you to download apps directly from the Play Store, but you’ll need to wait until you install an Android 8 Oreo update first.

If you’re an Android fan, you can also grab the Google Play Edition version of the Nexus 6P.

Google has also improved Google Assistant’s voice-calling capabilities by allowing developers to set the volume and tone of the assistant when you speak.

Google also has a new set of Google Assistant extensions for developers.

There are three new Google Assistant features: a new voice search, a new Google Maps search, and new Google Now commands.

These are also available on the Play store.

Google is also updating its Android 7 apps with the new version of Google Photos.

It now has a native app that you can download for free.

It also has an Android 7 Camera app, a camera-focused app called Camera+, which lets users use their phone’s digital camera as a remote camera.

Google is also adding a new photo editor to Photos, and it now supports sharing to your Google+ photo library.

Google will be releasing an updated Google Maps app with a new version that includes a new navigation tool.

Google hasn’t released a list of the latest software updates for Android phones, but we do know that Google will release an update for the Pixel and Nexus 6 in the coming days.