The New York Time has been called the “most influential news organization in America” and “the most influential institution in America,” but in the past decade, the Times has changed its name from the American Conservative to the American Daily Review, a nod to the conservative media’s influence on Republican politics.

In the past few years, however, it has been changing its name several times, including in 2016 to the Daily Caller, an alt-right publication, and last year to the Conservative Review, an influential conservative magazine.

And the name “Daily Review” is now used to describe the site and its editors.

The move to “Daily Caller” and the shift to “Conservative Review” have caused many readers and media watchers to question whether the publication is actually a conservative publication at all, as it has shifted so many times.

On the same day the Trump campaign launched its website, it announced it would now be called the Trump Daily Brief, and in the months that followed, many commentators and others suggested the name was a deliberate attempt to make the outlet a more conservative outlet.

The name change to the new publication was the result of a concerted effort by Trump’s campaign to avoid the name Republican and Republican-leaning, according to the New Yorker’s Jonathan Chait.

“This is the most concerted effort I’ve ever seen to not be associated with Trump,” Chait wrote.

“I mean, he has so many nicknames for his political opponents.

The word ‘conservative’ doesn’t exist in any of the Republican lexicon.”

The Daily Caller has long been known for its conservative and pro-Trump coverage, which has drawn criticism from conservatives, journalists, and even some of the paper’s own reporters.

On Twitter, former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos said in a tweet that the change was a “direct attack on conservatism” and an “insult to conservatives and their supporters.”

But other commentators said the move to the name change was justified by Trump and his supporters, who were upset with the name and wanted to make a name for themselves.

“The Republican Party is in the tank for Trump, and the Daily Review is the perfect name for it,” former Fox News executive Bill Shine told The New Yorker.

The Daily Review was not the only conservative outlet to change its name in recent years.

The conservative website Breitbart News has also changed its identity in recent weeks, changing its title from The Daily Wire to The Conservative Voice, according the Washington Free Beacon.

A spokesperson for the publication told The Washington Post that the name is still a “very close approximation” of its original name.

The Washington Times’ name has also been changed multiple times, and its publisher and editors have declined to comment on the name changes.

On February 1, 2017, The New Republic announced it was changing its site’s name to The Republic.

The newspaper has not yet commented on the names.