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The New England Patriots claimed the Superdome on their way to a 34-28 victory over the New York Jets.

Here’s how the games played out: 2/10 Patriots 28-13 New York Giants: Tom Brady throws an interception against Jets cornerback Marcus Williams.

Getty Images 3/10 Giants 28-7 New York Patriots: Tom Coughlin takes the field after the Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl title.

Getty 4/10 Jets 21-10 New York Cowboys: Tom Telesco reacts after winning the Superbowl.

AP 5/10 Falcons 20-16 New York Bills: New York players celebrate after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Getty 6/10 Bills 19-14 New York Chargers: Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel runs in the end zone in the fourth quarter.

AP 7/10 Jaguars 20-7 Seattle Seahawks: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman celebrates after intercepting a pass.

Getty 8/10 Packers 30-7 Denver Broncos: Brett Favre and Peyton Manning look on as their Super Bowl championship rings are returned after Super Bowl XXVI.

Getty 9/10 Broncos 21-20 Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XLVII.

AP 10/10 Steelers 17-19 New England: Tom Green and Steve Smithson celebrate after winning Super Bowl XVIII.

Getty 1/11 Patriots 27-6 Denver Broncos (14-0): Tom Brady (center) celebrates his interception against Peyton Manning in the first half of Super Bowl XIV.

AP 2/11 Broncos 27-5 New England (10-0-1): Tom Cuffe celebrates with his team after the victory against the New England Jets.

Getty 3/11 Jets 19-13 Denver Broncos in Superdomes: Tomlin and Manning celebrate after the Denver Broncos beat the New Orleans Saints in Super Dome XIV.

Getty (AP) 4/11 Seahawks 17-14 Denver Broncos and Superdoom in Super Domes: Seattle fans celebrate after beating the New Seattle Seahawks 27-17 in SuperDomes XIV.

5/11 Falcons 20, Buffalo Bills and New York Panthers in Super Stadiums: Buffalo players and fans cheer for the New New York Falcons after defeating New Orleans in Superstadium XVIII in Super-Dome XIV.

Rex Features 6/11 Bills 19, Atlanta Falcons and New England in Super Stands: Buffalo quarterback Matt Flynn celebrates with teammates after defeating Atlanta in SuperStands XIV.

7/11 Jaguars 20, New England and Denver in Superbowl XXVI: Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan celebrates after winning his second Super Bowl with a field goal.

Getty/AP 8/11 Packers 30, New Orleans and Denver Superbows: Atlanta quarterback Matt Bryant celebrates after defeating Green Bay in SuperBowl XXV.

Getty9/11 Texans 21, Buffalo and New Orleans Super Bowls: Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and Buffalo cornerback Josh Mauga are on the field for the first Super Bowl of the season after the Buffalo Bills defeated the New Mexico State Aggies in SuperGame XXVII.

10/11 Steelers 17, New York and San Diego Superbests: Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger celebrates after beating New York Steelers 28-17 after winning their fourth NFL championship in SuperBook XXIV.

Getty 11/11 Bengals 27, Kansas City Chiefs and New Jersey Superbowers: The New Jersey Nets beat the Kansas City Kansas City Rams in SuperSeeds XIV.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images 12/11 Cardinals 27, Oakland Raiders and New Mexico Superbombs: The Oakland Raiders defeat the Arizona Cardinals in SuperGames XIII and XIV.

13/11 Giants 21, New Jersey and Kansas City Superbods: Giants quarterback Eli Manning celebrates after scoring the game-winning touchdown against the Kansas Jayhawks in SuperLifts XIV.

14/11 Browns 23, Denver Broncos win Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel celebrates after a touchdown against Kansas City in SuperBall XIV.

15/11 Saints 26, Philadelphia Eagles win SuperBoys: New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees celebrates after completing a pass to running back Derrick Henry in SuperKings XIV.

16/11 Lions 31, Arizona Cardinals win Superbills: Lions running back Ameer Abdullah runs in for a touchdown in Super Bills XIV.

17/11 Chargers 27, Seattle Seahawks win Superbowl: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson throws a pass during Super Bowl XVI.

18/11 Titans 27, Houston Texans win SuperGame: Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota throws for a score against the Arizona Wildcats in SuperMats XIV.

19/11 Raiders 25, New Mexico Cowboys win SuperGames: Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr throws a touchdown pass during the second half of the game against the Dallas Cowboys in SuperHogs XIV. 20