10 Android Phone Secret Code That Can Help in Necessity

android phone secret code -jioanish

Android operating system is the backbone of Smartphone industry. Nearly 70% of smartphones have Android operating system that own by Google. Android OS in Smartphone provide advance features, smooth performance, and largest library of android apps in Play Store. Android is very simple to use but it become more tough if we do not find that way to find its feature that require to know Android phone secret code. Today, we will discuss about top android secret code that needs often time to time. Android phone secret code do not…

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PROVED : Google Maps is Tracking Location Your Every Move | Want to Stop?


You are always under surveillance, You are being tracked even with every movement. Surprised ?  As we often watch  in many movies and drama on television that someone is tracking location constantly. Like that if i say, you might be same that Google is always tracking location for your every moves. I will not wrong if you are using Google map on regular basis. As, we know, it is almost impossible in the Internet world without any contribution of  Google. It’s the King. One of this feature, we use Google…

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How Can I Find a Lost Android Device When It’s in Silent Mode? | Missing Android Phone


Lost or Missing Android phone? Do not know how to find a lost android device? Do not worry! As Android has more features, by one of its feature you can find a lost android device even it’s in silent mode. You can use this feature if you are missing android phone some where in your house and you are unable to locate it. If your android mobile is stolen by someone and wanna to ring that mobile so that you can probably find it. You can ring your mobile easily…

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How to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile / Phone


An Android mobile has its own identification recognizable proof code called IMEI number. This number is extraordinary to each mobile and mobile network utilizes this to recognize each mobile associated with it. This number is vital on the off chance that you lose your mobile at any moment. We should understand and know how to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile. You need to provide that IMEI code to service provider to take action or block, so that no one can use that lost phone to make calls….

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How to Stop Push Notification in Firefox

Push notification introduced in Firefox browser that lets websites show you notification at left top panel as you visit your wished website, push notification become appear even if site is not open in a browser properly. Many of us, like me, get irritate after looking such notification on regular basis. so we must need to know – how to stop push notification in Firefox browser. Push notifications are generally used to promote stuff like new items, sales items, breaking news etc. If you receive such push notification then you are…

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How to Reboot Android In Safe Mode

Talking about Android, most stable operating systems for mobiles, but there is also get performance issues as mobile get older, and these issues can occur every now and then. As you use your Android based mobile device, you’ll be able to determine whether its performance is still going well or if it’s failing. In this we should learn how to reboot Android in safe mode. Application quality checks in android play store are on the lower side and it is frequently the case that some rebel application is backing your…

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Best Cashless Payment Option in India | Cashless India


There are numerous cashless installment choices accessible in India. Be that as it may, in this post I will impart to you the best cashless payment option that you can use to execute cashless in India. Going cashless is drifting in India these days. Not long after government’s exhibition move, individuals began receiving to present day methods for cashless payment choices. In the event that you are new to cashless exchanges, don’t stress. I am here to bail you out. Going cashless is great. It spares time and the best…

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Jio Free or Not ?? Reliance Jio Prime Membership at Rs 99 – All You Need To Know

Every one of us have been appreciating Reliance Jio free calling and data offers. However, every one of regardless we need to realize what after March 31st. There were a few gossipy tidbits that Jio may augment this free offer till June. Yet, at 21 Feb Mukesh Ambani made a few declarations which made it clear that Jio is not going to be free any longer. Be that as it may! There is a little amazement – you can subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime Membership for just Rs 99. More…

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Get Instant Backlinks To Your Blog by 51 Hand Picked Top Rated Sites

As we know that Backlinks are the backbone for indexing your blog or website into search engines. It is definitely true that a good content always matter for indexing into search Engines. But it will not wrong if i say, content is king then links are Queen. So in this article, you can learn method to get instant backlinks to your blog. Before to this, i will explain for non -techie who do not know, what is backlink? Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks make…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: Release Date, Rumors & Everything You should Know

Earlier, In March 2016, Samsung announced its latest model Smartphone Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and that were praised for their powerful specification, glossy design, and dreamy cameras. This was the perfect arrivals for users who wants overall best Smartphone. Practically we do not find such smartphone that should match in every aspects of our desire. No smartphone is perfect for everyone. It is expecting to match everyone desire and can be a next-gen flagship smartphone which is going to launch by Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus….

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