Foods to Avoid with Asthma | Precaution for Asthma

foods to avoid with asthma

Change in eating habits that magically cure in asthma. But they should know some foods to avoid with asthma that can influence even makes your asthma worse. You should take care of diets and prefer such foods that help to cure asthma. But most importance to know about foods to avoids asthma otherwise, there may be critical situations and doctor might refuse and say ‘I am Sorry’. As we know, control on diets act a vital role to cure any disease. Even medicine will not suit if we do not…

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Home Remedy For Bronchial Asthma | Natural Remedy

Home Remedy For Brochial Ashtma -

Bronchial Asthma is the common if we talk about asthma (In Hindi -it’s called Dama), in that we can see symptom like coughing, breathlessness, whistling sound from chest, sometimes chest congestion too. A bronchial asthma person is not able take take breathe properly which is an inflammatory airway disease. The suffering person should have inhaler which is suggested by a doctor. With that a Bronchial Asthma patient should take precaution and he/she can do home remedy for Bronchial Asthma that will be first AID to cure and get relief. Home remedy…

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Best 5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life


Regular exercises are best tips for stay healthy. But we are not habitual to do that on regular basis of all required exercises.  People who are moderately active to do exercise, they are relatively maintain a healthy weight , control or prevent diabetes, avoid heart problem, and other health issue. You can say, they maintain themselves to stay healthy and fit. But most people can not be adapt exercise in their daily routine, so they should know best 5 health tips that can keep you maintain, healthy and fit. If…

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