How Can I Find a Lost Android Device When It’s in Silent Mode? | Missing Android Phone


Lost or Missing Android phone? Do not know how to find a lost android device? Do not worry! As Android has more features, by one of its feature you can find a lost android device even it’s in silent mode. You can use this feature if you are missing android phone some where in your house and you are unable to locate it. If your android mobile is stolen by someone and wanna to ring that mobile so that you can probably find it. You can ring your mobile easily…

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How to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile / Phone


An Android mobile has its own identification recognizable proof code called IMEI number. This number is extraordinary to each mobile and mobile network utilizes this to recognize each mobile associated with it. This number is vital on the off chance that you lose your mobile at any moment. We should understand and know how to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile. You need to provide that IMEI code to service provider to take action or block, so that no one can use that lost phone to make calls….

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Best 5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life


Regular exercises are best tips for stay healthy. But we are not habitual to do that on regular basis of all required exercises.  People who are moderately active to do exercise, they are relatively maintain a healthy weight , control or prevent diabetes, avoid heart problem, and other health issue. You can say, they maintain themselves to stay healthy and fit. But most people can not be adapt exercise in their daily routine, so they should know best 5 health tips that can keep you maintain, healthy and fit. If…

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How to Stop Push Notification in Firefox

Push notification introduced in Firefox browser that lets websites show you notification at left top panel as you visit your wished website, push notification become appear even if site is not open in a browser properly. Many of us, like me, get irritate after looking such notification on regular basis. so we must need to know – how to stop push notification in Firefox browser. Push notifications are generally used to promote stuff like new items, sales items, breaking news etc. If you receive such push notification then you are…

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Best Cashless Payment Option in India | Cashless India


There are numerous cashless installment choices accessible in India. Be that as it may, in this post I will impart to you the best cashless payment option that you can use to execute cashless in India. Going cashless is drifting in India these days. Not long after government’s exhibition move, individuals began receiving to present day methods for cashless payment choices. In the event that you are new to cashless exchanges, don’t stress. I am here to bail you out. Going cashless is great. It spares time and the best…

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The 5 Best Free Email Service Providers for Your Business | Free Business Emails

Email is necessary for almost all persons who are either professional or personal. if we talk about students, colleges, offices, freelancer, individual, etc then all must have a Email, without this we can not exists in  market especially for professional. We can see there are two type of email service provider available- Premium Email & Free Email service provider. No doubt, a big company can afford to use premium Email service, but for small business it is more difficult to have a premium Email service. To minimise their cost budget,…

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LG’s 2017 New K-series smartphone will launch in India on February 22

LG is well known brand especially in smartphone, refrigerator, television, etc . As per latest news, LG will be launch its new  ‘Okay-Sequence’ smartphone in India on Feb 22. LG has sent invitation to press for a event in New Delhi on Wednesday, where company might confirmed its news 2017 K-Series four smartphones. it are those LG’s K-series smartphone for which we all are eagerly waiting for launch it soon. Our Union IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad will be the chief visitor, hinting that the LG brand new smartphone will…

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Which is the Best Career Option – Full Time Job or Full Time Freelance Work | Depth Analysis

Freelance jobs or Freelance work is now trending as a career option. Crowds are moving towards freelance work that provide you flexible time to work. so what is about Full time office Job? Are you looking for best answer – Which is the Best Career Option – Full Time Job or Full Time Freelance Work ? If you think that answer is too simple – But trust me, it is just opposite – It’s too complex to decide which one is better . Let’s start to think on all aspects…

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Top 10 Website To Earn Money by Selling Domain Names | Best Sites for Sell or Buy

DNS stands for Domain Name System somewhere it is also abbreviate as Domain Name Server is a hierarchical decentralized naming system fr services, computers, or other resources connected to the Internet. In other words, we can say – DNS is like a contact list for Internet. As like searching in phone book, and we get contact number for the same. Same, if you do not know IP address (like contact number), put name on Internet and simply you will get result. If you understand in simple way, remember a name is quite easy rather…

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Earn Up to $400 | Make Money Writing Article | Listed 25 Sites That Pay High Bucks

A freelance blogger can earn good money by skill of creating high quality contents for top blog sites that provide platform where you can submit your article and get paid after approval of your content. In recent trend, Content writing as a freelancer, making a good amount of money by their peculiar writing skills. No doubt, there are various sites are available that provide and claims to pay high bucks for content, but personally i found some comment & reviews that reflect – most of them are fake and not paying a penny for…

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