10 Android Phone Secret Code That Can Help in Necessity

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Android operating system is the backbone of Smartphone industry. Nearly 70% of smartphones have Android operating system that own by Google. Android OS in Smartphone provide advance features, smooth performance, and largest library of android apps in Play Store. Android is very simple to use but it become more tough if we do not find that way to find its feature that require to know Android phone secret code.

Today, we will discuss about top android secret code that needs often time to time. Android phone secret code do not require only while we use, it can also use to check all details while we purchase Android mobile from market or second hand mobile from anyone.

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Android phone secret code provide also facility to erase all data (that can need if we sell to others) or hard reset if our phone go slow down. We can also check battery performance, camera specifications and many more. So Every Android users should know Android phone secret code.

Let’s start to discuss step by steps.

Android phone secret code

1 . Reset Factory


We need to open phone dial pad and dial the code and press call button. This type of USSD code can use for HARD RESET of android mobile by which all applications along with data get deleted.

2 . Camera


This code reflects specification of camera, where you can find easily full details of camera that is (are) installed in Android phone.

3 . Backup


If you want to take backup of phone. This Android phone secret code helps to take backup of phone including all media files.

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4 . Erase Internal Storage


If you want to delete /format internal storage of your android phone, this code do the same. Go to dialer and dial the code. It may ask phone password or authenticity from you, you need to response for the same.

5 . Battery Health


By help of this code, we can figure out phone battery status, power of battery or battery health.

6 . Various Details


We can easily figure out the details many features including WiFi, battery, Bluetooth.

7 . Direct Power Off


If we want to power off our mobile by pressing power button, we get three or four options (power off, silent mode, airplane mode, reboots). But we can use this code after that android phone goes power off directly if we press power button.

8 . Touch Screen Test


We can figure out the problems related to touch screen, we need to dial this Android phone secret code.

9 . IMEI Number


We can easily get IMEI number of our mobile. If mobile consists double or triple sim slots, this code gives all IMEI numbers on screen.

Call forwarding


This code allows you to check which number your phone is currently forwarding calls to when you’re busy or reject a call.

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