5 Best Health Insurance Plans for Family that Everybody Should Know

Everybody knows that life is full of risks, Nobody knows what will happen coming in next few seconds.There is always risks on every steps of our life. To recover risk, Life insurance plans came into existence. Like this Health Insurance plans became popular as  we also do not know about our health and medical conditions at moment of life. In  a health insurance plan a person can recover his/her medical risk by taking from one of best health insurance plans.
Health insurance plans is nothing but covering health risks if we medically unfit and hence hospitalised. There are many more companies that are best health insurance plans and also claim for easiest way to recover expense amount during hospitalisation.

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Lets start to discuss about 5 best companies which are either government or private companies.

5 Best Health Insurance Plans (Companies)-

Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance is government own company that provide best health insurance plan for family. If we talk about plan, the name of plan is ‘Happy Family Floater Plan’ in which you need to pay premium of Rs 9297 per year. The best part of this plan is, Oriental Insurance pay 90% of total expense during hospitalisation.

One point that can you can like, it covers all claims either allopathic or ayurvedic, or homeopathic. But keep remember Oriental Insurance do not fulfill claims if there is free treatment. If you take Happy Family Floater plan, you can claims for all your previous illness only after 4 years.

The room rent of admitted person in hospital should not be exceeded by Rs 5000.

Star Health Insurance

In field of mediclaim, Star Health Insurance company is very popular. Same like Oriental Insurance, claims for all your previous illness can be listen only after 4 years.

If we discuss about its risk cover premium plan, Family Optim of Rs 11055 premium plan is best one. Room rent of admitted person should be between Rs 2000 to Rs 15000. Please note that, it do not listen claims in case of free treatment.

Bharti Axa Health Insurance

It provide one of best health insurance plans/plan for family named Smart Health Plan in which premium amount that can fill of Rs 12064 per year. It also cover claims of suffering previous illness only after 4 years.

If we learn about best part of Smart Health Plan, you can recover 100% of claim amount during treatment at hospital.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Optima Restore Plan from Apollo Munich Health Insurance is little bit costlier but very progressive and popular because, if you are suffering from any illness that can be claim after only 3 years which is 1 year before than any best insurance plans which have discussed earlier.

It is also popular for as it provide 100% claims during treatment in hospital. This mediclaim policy support unlimited room rent for admitted person and no claim bonus.

Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance provides Companion Family Floater Plan in which a person has to pay premium of Rs 13718 per year. It is bit costlier but provide better claim amount comparing to others companies like unlimited room rents, free medical test and no claim bonus.

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Conclusion and Final Words

You are free to take any plan from best health insurance plans. You should consult with concern companies and discuss about plans before to take. You can easily learn, that which plan can suit you and your pocket. If you are a earning person, you will get benefit in term of income tax dedication.

Note – Plan, premium, and terms & conditions can be change, JioAnish is not responsible for that. JioAnish is suggesting you to get clarify and understand for each plan with respective company before to take final decision.


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