Foods to Avoid with Asthma | Precaution for Asthma

foods to avoid with asthma

Change in eating habits that magically cure in asthma. But they should know some foods to avoid with asthma that can influence even makes your asthma worse.

You should take care of diets and prefer such foods that help to cure asthma. But most importance to know about foods to avoids asthma otherwise, there may be critical situations and doctor might refuse and say ‘I am Sorry’.

As we know, control on diets act a vital role to cure any disease. Even medicine will not suit if we do not take precautions of our diets.

Here we will see the list of some major foods to avoid with asthma. No doubt most of them are yummy even you (asthma person) like most. But you should start to avoid below listed foods .

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Foods to Avoid with Asthma

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits that contain sulphite are harmful for asthma patients. Before to purchase dried fruits from store or from market, you should check properly, either it contains sulphite (you can find written content like “Potassium or Sodium Sulphite” also with quantity).


No doubt, pickles add taste while taking our food. In general, people use pickle with sandwich & breakfast. If we talk about Indian peoples, they like most to take with food.

But point that should be noted by a asthma person, Pickles also contain sulphite and equally harmful. He/She must configure pickles containing foods to avoid with asthma.


Wines or beer, tobacco are not allowed for asthma even not allowed to anyone. Tobacco, smoking direct affect the lungs and cause more cough, whistling sound from chest etc.

If you continue to take wine or beer, you can suffered like watery eyes, whizzing while coughing.

Shrimp or Sea Foods

Fishes are allowed for asthma people, but frozen shrimp and some other sea foods also contain sulphite, that can make asthma symptoms worse.

You should avoid to take foods completely that contains sulphite even present in few % in quantity.

Maraschino cherries

Cherries, Everybody likes very much, they are not not yummy but looks also very beautiful, like brightly-colored jewels in a glass jar.

But like pickles, dried fruits maraschino cherries also contain sulphite that is not useful for asthma.

Avoid Allergic Juice/Foods

Foods or Juice are necessary for everyone. Some if you may have allergy with some foods or juice and they are on high alert for you. Allergies attack directly on asthma.

You must avoid such foods, liquids which cause allergic for you.

Here some listed foods that may cause for allergic –

  • Eggs
  • Cow’s milk
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • Fish/Meat
  • Shrimp and other sea foods
  • Tree nuts and more.

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(Important Note :- This post does not mean to avoid listed foods completely, but before to take foods, you should always consult with your doctor and follow instructions)


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