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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is backbone component for our kitchen. LPG gas is using in almost every part of country. As it’s very convenient for cooking food comparing to old traditional cooking method like traditional Chulha, Coal etc especially in India. With easy to use of Gas cylinder, we should know exactly how to check LPG gas cylinder expiry date.

Most of Indian families are unaware about expiry date and they took easily Gas cylinder from vendor or from refilling agencies.

As we know, leaked or damaged Gas cylinder can be very dangerous for us. But after-that we do not care to check LPG gas cylinder expiry date. It could be a reason that many among us do not know how t check expiry date of gas cylinder.

It’s is quite easy as say ‘Hello’ to anyone.

Before to this, We should also know before to taking Gas cylinder from refilling agency or vendor –

  • Gas cylinder’s cap should be sealed with wrapper mentioned Company’s logo
  • Make sure NET Weight before to receive Gas Cylinder
  • Take Receipt Copy of Gas Cylinder
  • You should also know about Insurance terms from your company in case of mis-happening.
  • Take from authorised dealer
  • Keep away from black purchasing or selling gas cylinders.

Lets proceed to how to check LPG gas cylinder expiry date.

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Check LPG Gas Cylinder Expiry Date

In India, we can found three stems of a Gas Cylinder (either it is domestic or commercial cylinders). One of stem, we can see some printed alpha-numeric number.

Let’s take example that can see you in picture . It is mentioned D – 06 on one of its stem of the Gas cylinder.

check LPG gas cylinder expiry date

So, in this way you can find two alpha-numeric code starts with A, B, C, or D followed by two digits number.

Explanation –

A  for First quarter (March)

B for second quarter (June)

C for third quarter (September)

D for fourth quarter (December)

Now, two digits represent the expiry year of the gas cylinder.

Again, take example of the picture –

It’s mentioned D – 06

  • Here D for fourth quarter (December)
  • and 06 is 2006

You can see the above cylinder is expired in Dec 2006 . You can see it’s too easy to check LPG gas cylinder expiry date like walking on the road. As i told you earlier.

we should also a note a point that there may be some grace period of two – three months after the date of expiry. But it does not mean to take risk to use gas cylinders.

We must check LPG gas cylinder expiry date before to receive or refill a gas cylinder. It’s not my single one duty to aware about to you. But you should also know and take care about before to refill.

You should share also with known one, that may a big thanks for you in near future.

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