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You are always under surveillance, You are being tracked even with every movement. Surprised ?  As we often watch  in many movies and drama on television that someone is tracking location constantly.

Like that if i say, you might be same that Google is always tracking location for your every moves. I will not wrong if you are using Google map on regular basis.

As, we know, it is almost impossible in the Internet world without any contribution of  Google. It’s the King. One of this feature, we use Google map to locate any desired positions and we also find best route to move easily.

For example – If we want to find out a petrol pump, we start to search on Google maps and in few seconds we can easily locate nearest petrol pump with most convenient route on map.Now we start to follow Google route map and reach petrol pump without asking any third person.

In this process, Google start tracking your current location and provide shortest and best route.

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Now, lets move to our topic, You can surprise if you get history all location on Google maps. Curious to know how?

For this, Go to link and see yourself  that Google’s tracked and tracking location – Google maps tracking location.

(Make sure that, you are Logged In with same Google account, using in Phone)

Have you visited?

Lets know more.

Google Maps tracking location and storing your every move

if you have gone with given Google map tracking location’s link. You must surprised that Google map is storing as well as tracking location even almost locations where we moved in last days.

Google Maps tracking location

Even Google maps stored locations that we visit most as you can see in snapshot. You can easily get your all your location by customizing options at left.

We know very well that we use Google maps to locate and find locations easily on maps, but that is surprising that Google maps is storing all our movements as well. By this we can remember easily that where did we move in last days. What a technology?

Sometimes, we think, is it safe that Google maps have stored all movements? we can also think, what are our privacy if we locating and tracking location by Google maps?

But, we also know that Google is well known for keeping and protecting personal data from misuse in any other mean. So no doubt out data are private, safe & protected.

If you do not want to allow to track and store your location, Google has given option to disable to track your location and delete history as well.

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Disable Google Tracking Location Feature

No doubt, Google provides best privacy, also provides easy option to disable Google Tracking Location. To disable or stop to track movement, you can Configure setting into Android mobile by following steps –

  • Open phone setting
  • Find and select ‘Location’ (Do not worry, if it is taking time to find out, it depend on mobile to mobile)
  • Select ‘Google Location Reporting’
  • Turn off  – ‘Location Reporting’.
  • Turn off –  ‘Location History’.
  • It will asked to ‘Permanent Delete’. Check on ‘I understand and want to delete’ and Click on Delete.

It’s very simple.

As i think, Google maps can help to track location if our known stuck some where in emergency. we can locate them and help as well. So each thing have disadvantage(s), but there must have also advantages linked with that.

That’s all for now.

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