How to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile / Phone


An Android mobile has its own identification recognizable proof code called IMEI number. This number is extraordinary to each mobile and mobile network utilizes this to recognize each mobile associated with it. This number is vital on the off chance that you lose your mobile at any moment. We should understand and know how to Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile.

You need to provide that IMEI code to service provider to take action or block, so that no one can use that lost phone to make calls. IMEI code is not only identify for android mobiles, but you can find your IMEI code of any mobile phones (either basic or high end mobile phones). Here we will learn how to find the IMEI number of lost an android mobile.

There is a simple and traditional method to find IMEI number to any mobile phone. Simply you need to dial *#06# from your mobile, after that you could easily get back your IMEI number on screen. If you are using a dual sim support mobile, there are two IMEI numbers will visible on mobile screen.

It is true that most of people do not note down their mobile’s IMEI number for future use. Do you have saved your IMEI number of your phone?

I know, your answer would be NO.

So what are the solution if we lost our mobile phone? Here i wanna share that there is a procedure and easy technique to find the IMEI Number of lost android mobile.

Lets proceed and know about that –

Find The IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile

If you have lost you android mobile and want to know IMEI number, you can fetch out detail. We should know this method that can need us at any moment (Hey, I do not mean to loose your phone).

  • You need to go at any web browser and type this URL into address bar and click on go or Hit Enter key.
  • Google will ask to log in. Put your User Name and Password.
  • Page will be redirected into a window showing number of options there.
  • Scroll down and find ‘Android’ that is also associate with android icon.
  • Now click on Android icon. (There is also facility to provide to manage your active devices)
  • You can see details of mobile phone along with IMEI number.

By this way you can find you find the IMEI number of lost android mobile.

How it works?

Most android users download application form Google Play-store. If you remember, you need to Sign in first with your Gmail ID. At the same time login details including mobile phone information’s are automatically uploaded to you Google account including IMEI number as well.

It’s not mean your are not safe if Google store all details, it is totally protective and you can find out at Dashboard after securely login into your Google account. I hope it will help you to find the IMEI number of lost android mobile.

Good Luck 🙂


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