How Can I Find a Lost Android Device When It’s in Silent Mode? | Missing Android Phone


Lost or Missing Android phone? Do not know how to find a lost android device?

Do not worry!

As Android has more features, by one of its feature you can find a lost android device even it’s in silent mode. You can use this feature if you are missing android phone some where in your house and you are unable to locate it.

If your android mobile is stolen by someone and wanna to ring that mobile so that you can probably find it. You can ring your mobile easily even that thief has put your phone on silent mode. It will be better chance to locate and find your phone. This feature from Google also locate yours’ android mobile location.

If you are unable to find your android phone you should lock your mobile (providing IMEI number)  by help of your service provider.

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Lets proceed to know how to find a lost android device or missing device. It will be easier if your device has a data connection (Now a days generally everybody use Data plan).

Find a Lost Android Device/Missing Android Device

Google provide a very unique feature for android mobile, by which you can locate even ring your mobile when it’s in silent mode. Steps that you should follow-

Open a browser

  • Type in your address bar. Press Enter key.
  • Login with Google account ID and password (Make sure your android phone is also linked same Google account.  Note – Do not confuse with Google account, it’s exactly same as your Gmail account)
  • A list of devices will visible that are connected with your Google account. Select your desire android mobile.
  • Click on ‘Ring’. Withing few seconds, your lost or missing android device will starting ringing in full volume.
  • You can also see your mobile current location, where is it now?
  • As you get you mobile, press the Power button to make it stop.


If you have lost your mobile and not able to locate, you can try all steps once again after some times or some intervals, may be, you will able to track location and also ring on your mobile when it is connected with internet.

  • You can lock your android phone using this feature.
  • You can delete all stored information into your mobile remotely.

(Note – Turn on your ‘Android Device Manager’ in your android mobile by going into setting of mobile. This help you to locate your phone easily form your desktop)

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