Best 5 Health Tips That Will Change Your Life


Regular exercises are best tips for stay healthy. But we are not habitual to do that on regular basis of all required exercises.  People who are moderately active to do exercise, they are relatively maintain a healthy weight , control or prevent diabetes, avoid heart problem, and other health issue. You can say, they maintain themselves to stay healthy and fit. But most people can not be adapt exercise in their daily routine, so they should know best 5 health tips that can keep you maintain, healthy and fit.

If we talk about age, an average adult person should engage their 30 minutes of time to do exercise on daily basis but only exercises are not sufficient to maintain our health and fitness.

In daily basis we should add following at morning times –

  • Walking briskly with bare feet on green wet grass.
  • Traditional Yogas or Exercises
  • Dancing ( for fresh mood)
  • Cycling
  • Swimming etc.

You can follow either of them, but you must do them on regular basis otherwise you can not realiase any changes in you.

These above are about daily exercise, but as we have discussed it is not sufficient. You should understand best 5 health tips and follow like a obedient student into your daily work.

Lets start with point wise.

Best 5 Health Tips

A good breakfast

As we have discussed above about  exercise  that should complete at morning time. After that we start our day with breakfast. After whole  night, we get fresh that makes our stomach empty. We should always eat a healthy breakfast that can fill your tank (stomach). Avoid junk, oily, fat-contained breakfast, etc. You can take, some examples are below –

  • Whole-wheat toast with fruit jelly
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Milk +Fruits Juice
  • Milk+Cornflakes
  • Boiled green vegetables
  • Wheat based chapatis, bread
  • Fruits
  • Soup etc.

Balanced Food Diet

You might heard that too much or too less are always go down. Like that we should understand our balance diet in our lunch (in our dish). You should also know how much calorie do you need that depend on age, sex, physique, your level of physical work etc.

For example, Middle aged people and hard working people need more calorie than other in same age group.

We should know, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins are necessity for our body, and our balanced diet should contained these all.

We can find some options from below that can suggest you for balance diet. (which is one of best 5 health tips) –

  • A home made pizza with fresh tomatoes and vegetables and low fat cheese is great
  • baked fries
  • Chicken, Mutton, Pork with bread vegetables, salad
  • Pulse
  • Capsicum
  • Rice
  • Fruits
  • Sweets etc.

Eat more Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables

You are thinking why do i consider Eat more Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables in best 5 health tips once again if have discussed already in previous.

But, we should understand, our body need more carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. With balanced diet, we should consider such food supplement that provides these three in bulk (more calories). With that we require fiber to perform well body functions.

Carbohydrates require for energy, a physical hard working people should take more carbohydrates. Protein require for body growth.

Some examples that should keep in mind –

  • Wheat-bread
  • Rice
  • Bajra
  • Banana
  • Strawberries
  • melons
  • Pulse for protein
  • Fresh and green vegetables
  • Salad etc

Avoid Snacks, Junk Food, Smoking & Drinking

We know snacks & junk foods are very popular in world, sometimes we take in helpless condition but most of the time we take with as they are more tasty. But we should learn to remove such snacks and junk food that can affect on your health.

You can take milk with crackers but not much

  • Apple or low fat yogurt
  • Dry cereal
  • Pizaa etc

It does not mean that you can not take junk foods or snacks occasionally. But remember, it should be taken only occasionally.

If you wanna be fit, we must leave (yes i am not saying avoid, forcefully to leave) otherwise there will no benefits to follows all steps.

Night Walk & Sleep on Time –

After taking balanced food in dinner, we should walk at least for 15 minutes. By that food can digest easily. We should take dinner at least 1 hour before go to bed.

In best 5 health tips segment, sleep on time is most precious need for our body. Generally we sleep at very late night. We watch movie, TV, games, office work etc. But we should learn that our body require 8 hours sound sleep to get fit for next day.

These are best 5 health tips that must follow in daily to daily or everyday life. Tips are many but i here mentioned the best 5 health tips. We should also take care of-

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Reduce Stress
  • Laughter Therapy etc.

Last but not least, If we want to fit and healthy, we do care with all points (willingly or unwillingly). If we are young we can not understand, but you can ask from our older, bulky people, health problem facing people.

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Stay Healthy 🙂


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