How to Stop Push Notification in Firefox

Push notification introduced in Firefox browser that lets websites show you notification at left top panel as you visit your wished website, push notification become appear even if site is not open in a browser properly. Many of us, like me, get irritate after looking such notification on regular basis. so we must need to know – how to stop push notification in Firefox browser.

Push notifications are generally used to promote stuff like new items, sales items, breaking news etc. If you receive such push notification then you are must having Firefox 44 (or above). But sometimes it’s pretty cool feature if you love to get such news, stuffs notification.

Whenever you open a site supporting push notifications, Firefox will first ask you if you want to receive them (shown in figure)


A option that you can find to stop push notification in Firefox. For this you have to visit in content option. Lets proceed how to find this option.

  • Go to top right of the Firefox, and click on three parallel lines (menu)
  • You will see either “Preference” or “Option” that is associate with a gear icon. Click on it,
  • Now at left part, you can see several options, choose ‘Content’ from them.
  • Now, you need to find ‘Notification’ word. (may be you find by scrolling down)
  • You can see option check box of ‘Don’t disturb me’ Check the box.
  • Now it’s done and stop push notification in Firefox.

In this option to stop push notification, there is a limitation, if you restart you Firefox browser, push notification will again appear on browser. (A you can see in pic above, highlighted in yellow)

But sometimes you do not find some option (may be you are not getting my point or confused) then you can proceed to next method .

There is also a method to stop push notification in Firefox, you need to know some command that to type in address and search bar. Lets proceed –

  • In address or URL bar, type about:config and Hit Enter button.


  • about-config


  • Click the “I accept the risk” button to proceed. (may be you can find similar words)

  • In the search bar that visible at the top, type this dom.webnotifications.enabled
  • You have to Double-click to change the value from “true” to “false.”

double click

  • Close tab and it’s done.

This solution can provide you permanently, disable or stop push notification in Firefox.

Desktop notices are a valuable thing. They make it so it’s conceivable to stay aware of pages notwithstanding when they’re not open. This makes it extraordinary for web-based social networking locales that require a huge amount of consideration. Still, with this new component being presented, sites have been getting to some degree intense about it.

In any case, it ought to be noticed that on the Internet we more often than not can’t have pleasant things. Regularly makers can take valuable elements and turn it against their clients for their own particular pick up. That is awful news and something that we ought to be watchful about.


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